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Landlord Safety certificate (CP12)

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  • Landlord safety certificate (CP12) information

    You must ensure that a gas safety check is done every year on each gas appliance and flue. Before any new lease starts, you must make sure that these checks have been done within one year before the start of the lease date.

    Gas safety checks are needed by:

    • Landlords
    • Housing associations
    • Local authorities
    • Hotels and B&Bs
    • Colleges
    • Boarding schools
    • Hostels
    What’s included on the certificate
    • A description of and the location of each appliance or flue checked.
    • The name, registration number and signature of the individual carrying out the check.
    • The date on which the appliance or flue was checked.
    • The address of the property at which the appliance or flue is installed.
    • The name and address of the landlord (or his/her agent where appropriate).
    • Any defect identified and any remedial action taken.
    • A statement confirming that the safety check completed complies with the requirements of the Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations 1998.

    Any gas safety check record given to you after 1 April 2009 will only be valid if the engineer is registered with Gas Safe Register.

    For more information see Regulation (36)(3)(c) of the Gas Safety (Installation & Use) Regulations 1998 or call 02476 10 30 10.

    Who must I give a copy to?

    You must keep a record of the gas safety checks for at least two years. You must issue a copy of the latest record to existing tenants within 28 days of the check being completed; and to new tenants before they move in.

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    ×Important notice
    The purpose of a Landlord Safety Check (CP12) is to establish gas safety and will not rectify faults. Any faults reported, or discovered by the engineer can not be repaired at the time of your appointment. For this reason you are advised to call 02476 10 30 10 and ask a member of staff about diagnostics and repairs prior to booking a Landlord Safety Check (CP12). (The engineer will continue to carry out the checks and the full amount is payable upon receipt of invoice.) More information can be found by visiting All hydraulic components within the boiler assembly are visually inspected and the engineer will not repressurise your central heating system without consent. There may be a delay in repairing your appliance.